Device Monitoring

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You get many alerts when running a computer and at times it is hard to know if an alert is necessary to be acted upon. Clients often have problems but don’t remember the exact error message they saw. Others just want to know if their computer is working well.

If you fall into any of these categories, you may be interested in a new service we offer. For a very low cost of $5 per month or $50 annually, your computer can alert Whiz Kid PC Services when an important message comes along. Messages of a full hard drive, application crashes, blue screen errors, etc. all get sent to us and we can let you know if we need to take care of it. You can also send a quick message from your desktop to ask a quick question. There is also a super quick way to install our remote support software directly from your desktop, if it is ever needed.

To take this even further, we offer managed services. We can install an antivirus and remove any virus or malware that infects your systems and keep your applications up to date, lessening your chances of infections.

To give it a try, download it from here.