Computers help us do our jobs and without a computer, most could not do their job. For a business owner, being able to run your business is crucial to being able to operate. If your computer at work has ever failed on you before, you know how an unexpected event can cause many problems. If staff uses computers and theirs are either out for repair or slow, they can’t be very productive and this is costing the business money.

Managed services for SMB’s

To prepare for this and to avoid downtime, you should be proactive with system maintenance and events. What this means is that by having the machine constantly maintained, a service provider can extend the lifetime of the system, reduce problems before they occur and save you money so that you don’t have to pay for repair during a disaster. Most service calls for small businesses cost as much or more than the annual cost of the managed plans.

When we have our consultation with a business, we figure out together what is important to check for and what we can do to protect your hardware and files. Our basic plans include disk checks for space & health, error reporting and scheduled tune-ups. We often bundle this with our managed anti-virus, managed web protection and patch management. We can also include managed backup!

Most understand what an anti-virus does but you may not know what we mean by “managed”. With our managed services, we take care of it all. No one that runs a business has time to check their system often and most don’t at all. Small businesses usually never have an internal IT technician and piece things together, barely. For managed AV, we get the alerts if any, we schedule the scans, see the reports and delete or restore contents of the quarantine. Web protections block bad sites, sites that make employees unproductive, etc. Our patch management updates your applications that are out of date. OOD software is a security risk that many overlook.

If you have a small business and would like to be proactive, please reach out today to setup a consultation.