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At Whiz Kid PC Services, we offer computer repair services for all PC’s or Mac’s. This includes all desktops, laptops, mobile devices, wireless devices & printers in Topeka, KS. We also provide service for many surrounding towns in NE Kansas including Meriden, Silver Lake, Tecumseh, Berryton & Auburn. Residential and small businesses are who we serve most often.

We offer many of our computer repair services at a flat-rate fee for your convenience. Please see the menu for more details. On-site and remote support services are available at an hourly rate. Arrangements can also be made for us to pickup and drop-off. After-hours work is also available, if needed.

We specialize in virus removal. If you are dealing with this, don’t fret. We can take care of the problem quickly and keep it from happening again. Just don’t wait too long. The worst infections are time-sensitive and they could delete all files or lock you out, if a virus removal isn’t performed as soon as possible. As with most computer issues, a solid backup plan is key for disaster recovery. We can help with this too.

Computer Repair Topeka KS

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