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Sometimes we have little issues come up that seem like they are too small to take to a repair shop. It can be general questions, getting your computer’s software updated or changing a few settings. Nothing is too small. Often, we can remove viruses and malware too. These “little things” can become a nuisance and possibly get in the way preventing you from doing work or having fun. We can help you with these tasks with our remote support computer repair service.

remote support


This is the perfect time to let us get remote access to your computer. We will repair any issues and take care of any and all questions you may have. Save time and effort by contacting us. All you need to start is a working internet connection. We can take payments via credit card, Paypal or mobile phone for your convenience. You get the same guarantee we offer on all of our work as if you brought the computer to us too.

*You may be asked to bring in your computer or schedule an appointment due to slow or blocked connection.


30 minutes of remote support pre-payments can be paid here. Amount includes tax.