Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair – Apple Computer Repair

macbook repair

When considering an Apple Macbook repair, one thing to know is there is┬áno longer an Apple Authorized repair shop in Topeka, KS. We are not one and are not planning to be one. We do though fix all Apple computers including MacBooks. Many shops don’t want to work on them or can’t without the training if the repair isn’t something simple. We are your last stop.

The list below is a sample of what we can help you with your Mac.

  • Tutorial/guidance on how to operate your Mac and MacOS
  • Upgrade or add memory
  • Increase hard drive space or install a SSD
  • Replace system components such as a noisy fan, battery or even the logic board

Why would you choose Whiz Kid PC Services versus a competitor?

  • You don’t have to drive an hour to a KC area Apple Store, save money and time
  • Much cheaper repairs when out of warranty
  • Large big-box stores often ship off your computer to a third-party to fix due to being beyond the basic, quick turnaround

Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding repairs for your Macbook or to get your repair started now.